Choosing the right plumber is essentially the most crucial step in ensuring that plumbing fixtures will be installed safely, will work efficiently, and will stand the test of time. Haphazard plumbing is not only an unworthy expense, but it could also be dangerous. A weak pipe can also do a lot of structural damage that start from water damage, mold growth, and eventually rotting. With this, it is essential that a homeowner get to choose a reliable, profoundly experienced licensed plumbing contractor for the job.

A sizeable part of ensuring a safe and efficient plumbing system in a home or commercial area depends on hiring the right plumbing contractor.

Choosing a Reliable Plumber

The easiest and most effective way to get hold of a dependable plumber is by phoning a relative or a trusted friend who recently contracted one. Ask for referrals or recommendations. For sure, any trusted person would not recommend a plumber who delivered low quality work, asked for too much in terms of charges, or used substandard materials and equipment.

Take advantage of the internet. A social media account can be used to gather referrals from close friends and even neighbors. A business page can give a potential client a glimpse of the kind of service the plumbing contractor provides. Third-party review sites are equally helpful.

Deal Only with Legitimate Contractors

While some homeowners are brave enough to try to do some plumbing work themselves to save on contractor fees, this will most likely be a wrong decision. Only a licensed professional would have the knowledge, experience, appropriate training, and equipment to carry out plumbing work.

Working with someone who has plumbing know-how but does not have a license, in exchange for lower professional rates is a bad idea as well. While that person may have the knowledge, experience, and even equipment to carry out a plumbing job, this unlicensed plumber would not have the insurance, bond, and permit to carry out work. This means that in the event, something happens during and after the plumbing work is done, every liability will fall on the client. The unlicensed contractor cannot also be held accountable should anything go wrong with the plumbing work, and usually there are no documented warranties a client can use should he be not satisfied with the outcome of the plumbing job.

So, upon getting proof of a license, a potential client must verify such contractor’s license over the Contractors State Licensing Board website. Through the CSLB website, a client can key in the license number among other necessary contractor details in the website platform to find out if the license is valid, and if there are complaints filed against the contractor.

Ask for Several Bids

After confirming the validity of a plumbing contractors’ license, the client should inquire about the possible cost and timeline of at least three contractors. The three cost estimates should give the client an idea of the value and procedure relative to his job requirement. Experts caution homeowners though, against going with the lowest contract without verifying the work ethics, as well as the understanding of the contractor about the scope of the project.

In the end, a bit of legwork could help any homeowner ensure a safe and efficient plumbing system.

Here’s a video clip of a news feature that shared tips on hiring the right plumber for the job.

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